Fix crash in dsound test

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Thu Jul 29 12:17:13 CDT 2004

Paul Millar <paulm at> writes:

> The build failed.  It looks like there's a bug in CVS.  Both  
> CLSID_DirectSoundPrivate and DSPROPSETID_DirectSoundDevice defined multiple 
> times (the wine-version of mingw libraries and in the source).

Yes, there was a short discussion about this on 23-24 July
on wine-devel.  It reached no conclusion, though, and I
didn't try the various MinGW libraries recommended there.
The abundance of MinGW packages always confused me, and at
the moment I don't even know where I got mine from.  But it
can't compile the dsound tests, that's for sure.  Comments

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