Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Jul 31 06:56:59 CDT 2004

On Sat, 31 Jul 2004 04:11:30 -0400, Alex Zeiger wrote:
> I mean "USB support" in the same way Wine supports serial and parallel 
> ports. Granted, USB is an order of magnitude more complex, but hopefully 
> the basic idea isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

It is certainly possible, but please talk to Aric first, I think he may
have some basic code already. Certainly he was looking into USB support
last week.

He's gone to LinuxWorld right now I think so you may have to wait a few
days. Researching what needs to be done would be a great way to get
started even if Aric has written some code, it's unlikely he'll get time
to finish it off properly soon so your help would certainly be appreciated!

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