debugger symbols and NPTL on RedHat 9

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Wed Jun 2 14:23:46 CDT 2004

> Second problem is probably independant. 
it is
 > I figured that going through the
> process of getting the program compiled as winelib was unnecessary, so I 
> am still compiling it on Windows using Visual Studio. This, naturally, 
> means that it's a PE. After resolving the font problems, I can finally 
> get the program running through winedbg. 
> While I'm doing ok at working 
> like that, the client really prefers working with a GUI. When I try to 
> run the program using the --gdb switch (with or without --no-start), 
> debug symbols for the PE part are not shown. I get all the symbols for 
> the ELF dlls (wine's DLLs), but not for the PE program.
this isn't linked to the options from winedbg

> Is this a solveable problem? The program is using PDBs for debug 
> symbols, they are not compiled into the PEs. I can change that, I guess, 
> but I would really rather not. Will changing that solve anything?
I assumed you compiled your program with a recent version of msvc. 
winedbg doesn't support the latest version of msvc symbolic information. 
There are IIRC some options to turn on the eldest options (which may end 
up in putting the info inside the EXE, but that's not mandatory. but 
since I don't recall all the msvc switches YMMV).
BTW, I still looking for a decent documentation on latest MSVC symbolic 
info to enhance your debugging support. If someone has some info, I'm 


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