Performance issues with Wine application

Mike Hearn mh at
Thu Jun 3 03:32:07 CDT 2004

On Wed, 02 Jun 2004 21:30:36 +0200, Eric Pouech wrote:
> there was, long ago, a wine specific tool to trace performance issue 
> (cprof). But I don't know if someone actually maintained it. Basically, 
> at that time it was needed to have a dedicated tool because 1/ wine is 
> multithreaded, 2/ wine plays some tricks in scheduling/synchronization 
> issues. However, if you have NTPL installed, there is some info 
> available to use gprof (the standard GNU profiler) in multi-threaded 
> environment. So gprof may work (but I'm not sure someone actually tried it).

The other alternative is to use oprofile (if you have kernel 2.6). This is
apparently the best way to profile Wine. For one it lets you see global
system view of where the time is being spent (so you can trace into the X
server and such).

>  > I actually don't have
>> access to the source of the simulation tool, so any optimizations would
>> have to be done directly in Wine. I should also mention that to get this
>> application to work with Wine I had to copy over the Microsoft visual
>> c++ dll: msvcp60.dll. Would this somehow be impacting the execution
>> performance?
> Hard to tell. But since, we haven't really started the performance 
> improvment phase, it's hard to give a precise answer on that.

Using native DLLs normally improves performance, rather than makes it
worse. Check the output of top - is the wineserver eating a considerable
amount of CPU time?

thanks -mike

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