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Thu Jun 3 05:19:13 CDT 2004

I've developped a software with Windows Visual C++, i want to
export it into Linux Red Hat 9.0.
My idea was to use Wine and WineLib. 
So i import wine with command below:
export CVROOT=\
:pserver:cvs at
cvs login # type "cvs" as the password
cvs co wine
cd wine
./configure && make

The wine installation was performed correctly so i wanted to
test wine and more exactly winemaker.

       Run <command>make clean</command> in the
          winemine source directory if it contains results of
previous builds.
          Create a separate directory with name winemine2, so
it won't conflict
          with the Wine copy of the application. Copy the
sources of winemine
          (files *.c, *.h, *.rc) to this directory. Now run
the commands,
          mentioned above from the winemine2 directory:
          $ winemaker --lower-uppercase .
------> but i was quite disapointed when it said me : 
bash: winemaker: command not found

That's why i call you to know how can i do to work winemaker?

Thank you very much

Bests regards

Mickael GUYARD
INTA engineer
144 bd Pereire

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