Blizzard Updater Problem

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at
Sun Jun 6 10:14:06 CDT 2004

On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Robert Shearman wrote:
> Erich Hoover wrote:
> > I haven't been able to get the blizzard updater to run on recent 
> > versions of wine (I've downloaded from CVS to make sure there isn't a 
> > fix).  I'm not sure if this is something wrong with my setup or a bug 
> > with wine (i recently reinstalled my system with Fedora Core 2 and am 
> > no-longer running the same version of wine).
> More likely a change in Wine caused the app to fail.

AFAICS this case may be related to already known issue [1].

The bug is still present in the CVS.  If it's the same bug I urge to
reverse this patch [2] (if compiling by yourself) or just use Wine version
prior to the date "2004/04/19 23:02:35".  For me reversing [2] patch
worked out fine.


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