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Luca Capello luca at pca.it
Tue Jun 8 11:03:38 CDT 2004

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Hello Robert,

on 06/08/2004 03:58 AM, Robert Shearman wrote:
> Ok, we can do a deal. I'll look at the winemenubuilder code if you look at
> the wineshelllink script (as I've not got enough programming skills
for the
> latter!). I'll try to increase the amount of error detection.
ok, no problem :-). Here my plan about the menu system:

- - get it working again on my machine (GNOME2 on Debian)
- - extend it to other desktop environments (KDE2/3, GNOME1) on Debian
- - extend it to other distros

IMHO, 'wineshelllink' should first create the .desktop file and then
check where it should be copied and so on, based on desktop
environment/distro. This means a complete change in the 'wineshelllink'.
And I'll add a new option, something like '--path-to-be-installed'
(where the .desktop entry should be copied): in this case,
'wineshelllink' can be invocated to created general menu entry (not
desktop environment/distro specific).

What I'd like to do is an improvement in the WineTools [1], adding some
features like installer choice for a general application and creation of
GNOME menu entries using Freedesktop.org's .desktop files (in this way
it could be extendend to all Freedesktop.org compliant desktops).

The first feature is very simple and already done. The second one is not
difficult if the menu you want to create is done manually, I mean, the
.desktop files are plain text and creating/managing them is quite
simple. If you want to do it by the installation process, is a little
harder and here IMHO the necessary steps:
- - launch WineTools
- - choose to install an application
- - WineTools saves the 'windows/Start Menu/' tree
- - the application is installed
- - WineTools compares the new 'windows/Start Menu/' with the saved one
  and returns which menu entries (folder and launchers) should be
  created in this form (example with BioEdit [3]):
	folder > Programs/BioEdit
	launcher > Programs/BioEdit/BioEdit Help.lnk
	launcher > Programs/BioEdit/BioEdit.lnk
- - WineTools creates the new folder and launchers

The last step is achieved by 'winemenubuilder/wineshelllink' and I was
thinking about a new menu folder created by the WineTools install
process (something like the included image):
- - Start [to look like Windows, maybe 'Win32' is as good as 'Start']
- --- Tools (like 'winefile',  'wcmd' and so on...)
- --- Programs (and this will reflect the 'Start Menu/Programs tree')
- --- WineTools launcher

Obviously, once the launchers are created, the user can simply move them
as he/she wants ;-)

If someone as other ideas, please let me know!

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

[1] http://franksworld.net/winetools.html
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