(Still) problem on AMD64 with wine CVS

Maurizio Monge monge at sns.it
Tue Jun 8 11:54:15 CDT 2004

> Maurizio,
> 	Ignore what it says in the source, in dlls/ntdlls/virtual.c you can change
> the value in ADDRESS_SPACE_LIMIT to suit yourself. Many applications (I
> venture to say most ) work fine and my solaris distro has been compiled
> like this for two years with few (Actually no) complaints.
> Just don't tell Aleandre, the comment in there about not being able to
> change it was directed squarely at me as a result of me doing it ! Stil, it
> made wine work, while without changing the define Wine definitely would NOT
> Bob

mh, i have set ADDRESS_SPACE_LIMIT to 0xffffffff and i am getting the same 
error... :-(
Does anyone have an idea of why the mmap at the and of the "strace" i posted 
some time ago fails?

please CC to monge(at)sns(dot)it

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