Linux links in Windows

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Jun 9 01:50:42 CDT 2004

>I have a question about the standard drive/directory. I think there were
>some changes recently so I don't know the current state. I'm still on
>20040408 as we needed to freeze and test the source.
>I have a process which changes the current dir and then starts a new
>program with CreateThread. But this one is back in the old dir again.
>Shouldn't it inherit the current dir of the starting process? Is this already
>in the current wine?

Now reading it again there's something I forgot to tell :)

It works if the working dir is a real dir. But it doesn't if it is a symlink
to another place, then the cwd of the new process is like the old one
before the change.

I have (old-style config):
[Drive C]
"Path" = "%HOME%/.wine/fake_windows"

And in there is a link to another directory. Altough the _chdir into this
linked dir reports success it doesn't seem to work.

And wcmd doesn't see the link either (C:>dir).


bye  Fabi

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