[winemenubuilder] shell:SHELL32_DllCanUnloadNow (void): stub, WinMain failed

Mike Hearn mh at codeweavers.com
Wed Jun 9 06:02:46 CDT 2004

On Wed, 09 Jun 2004 10:53:59 +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> I agree. I didn't know this standard before and I think you're referring
> to the specifications at [1]. 


> AFAIK (and I didn't read more docs),
> GNOME2 uses something similar to XDG to create its menu via the
> 'gnome-vfs-2.0'. Now, I should check how the XDG is integrated into
> desktop environments and distro (Debian can use it [2]).

Current Gnome implements an older version of the spec. They are moving to
the latest version. The older version really did not work too well for
Wines needs - in fact, this is one of the reasons the new version was
developed. You'll see fgouget at codeweavers.com on the credits for the spec.

> Well, I understood ;-) OTOH, the latest CrossOffice 3.0 Demo doesn't
> create menus on GNOME2.6/Debian unstable :-(

... which nicely demonstrates my point.

> Well, it seems that I should read some more docs or maybe I didn't
> understand your question: does wine automatically start
> 'winemenubuilder' when you install an application? I mean:
> - - wine ./setup.exe
> - - the installation creates Windows Start menus as .lnk
> - - wine invokes 'winemenubuilder' to create XDG menu entries
> Am I correct? If this is the case, I'm sure I'm going to use the current
> system!

Well, Wine will run wineshelllink, AFAIK, which you can put anything you
like in.

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