Zombie processes

Shachar Shemesh psql at shemesh.biz
Tue Jun 8 16:11:44 CDT 2004

Patrick Spinler wrote:

> I haven't raised a bug report anywhere because, well, the kernel guys 
> would say 'it's redhat's kernel, talk to them', and the wine guys 
> would say 'it's crossover's wine, talk to them'.

Actually, the kernel guys are more likely to say "it's a redhat kernel, 
does it also happen on vanilla kernel?". The answer is highly likely to 
be "no" (if I am guessing correctly, this problem has something to do 
with NPTL, which means it was only there in the 2.4 kernel to begin with 
because of a RedHat patch). However, as the problem DOES happen on 
vanilla 2.6 kernel, this will not be a problem to reconstruct.

Also, please bear in mind that in order to debug this you will 
positively absolutely have to compile your own kernel, from whatever 

> But, within these constraints, is there any way I could debug this ?

It's a kernel bug. There is nothing a userspace program should be able 
to do in order to make such a problem appear. As such, you are asking 
this on the wrong list. Do try either lkml (linux kernel mailing list), 
or, more recommended, kernel-newbies.

> I'd be happy to do some work to try to pin down where and how these 
> procs are hanging, if someone could give me a few pointers in the 
> right direction.  And even with the vendor kernel and wine, perhaps 
> the knowedge might be useful.

Like I said, debugging kernel problems is not within this list's 
knowledge base.


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting

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