Winrash update

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Wed Jun 9 21:23:07 CDT 2004

Just released a new version of winrash.  I'm sending this email because after 
asking people who are running Winrash to send an email to the list or 
myself , I didn't receive any emails.  This isn't usually a problem except 
when there is an issue with Winrash.  I get error reports that have the IDs 
people put in but no way to contact them.

So I added a field in the installer for a contact email.  This will be sent 
along with the clientID when an error report is generated by winrash.  

In case anyone is curious the web archive for the error reports is here:

I'd like to ask that anyone who installed winrash please run the installer 
again so they can enter a valid contact email.  If you are one of those 
people wondering why your results aren't found at this will help both of us by letting me get a 
hold of you ;-)

The one change I should mention is the addition of proxy support in the 0008 
release.  There are a handful of people running behind proxies, I can tell by 
squid html in what should be the script part of the error reports.  This 
version of the client *should* fix things for you.  Thanks to Florian Steinel 
for the code change.

Here is the SF link to the latest client:

Thanks to anyone running the testing suite and for the feedback on winrash 
changes, I appreciate it.


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