wingcc and -Wb option

Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Fri Jun 11 10:08:31 CDT 2004


The -Wb argument to winegcc currently expects a comma separated list
of arguments which it then splits up and passes to winebuild. 

This conflicts with the --ignore=x,y,z syntax of winebuilds ignore
argument, since it also uses a comma to delimit the list to ignore.

The easiest way to fix this is to change the delimiting character in
either option, i.e.:

winebuild: --ignore=x,y,z => --ignore=x;y;z

winegcc: -Wb,--ignore=x,y,z,<opts> => -Wb;--ignore=x,y,z;<opts>

Does anyone care which one it is?


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