Winrash update

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Fri Jun 11 14:31:04 CDT 2004

This particular error report is quite odd.  It's not from version 0008, the 
latest version, as I fixed the "Winrash version:" to actually print the 
winrash version, not the decimal value of pointer to the string, heh.  There 
is no script so the client is probably unable to connect to 
and get a script from the cgi there.  The command in error usually points to 
the command where the error occurred.

If winrash can't get a script it can't even be told to upgrade itself.  Since 
we have no email or clientID we can't just contact them and get more 
information.  I think we should just block every error report with a null or 
the old default "WinrashDefaultID" or these may continue for some time.


On Friday 11 June 2004 2:11 pm, Mike Hearn wrote:
> On Wed, 09 Jun 2004 22:23:07 -0400, Chris Morgan wrote:
> > In case anyone is curious the web archive for the error reports is here:
> >
> Most of those emails seem to have no data in them?
> Winrash version: 4378004
> ClientID:
> Operating system:
>     dwMajorVersion=4
>     dwMinorVersion=10
>     dwBuildNumber=67766446
>     PlatformId=1
>     szCSDVersion= A
>     wServicePackMajor=0
>     wServicePackMinor=0
>     wProductType=6745844
>     wReserved=6747024
> Cookies:
> winetest =
> winetest_history =
> winrash-0007-chris-msvc.exe,,winetest-2
>406051000-paul-mingw.exe, Script:
> Command in error:
>     0
> What does "command in error" mean? What is this email supposed to tell us?
> thanks -mike

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