Game Testing Update - 20040505

Mike Kost mike at
Fri Jun 11 21:59:54 CDT 2004

Here a continuation of my game testing efforts. Same rules still apply in my 
efforts: All games tested are freely available as demos or F/OSS games on the 
Internet and they don't work right. I know 20040505 is showing its age, but 
there isn't a 200406xx yet.

Since my last report:
- Bugzlla bugs #2128 & #2129 have closed. The problems were self-correcting
- 2 More Bugs Filed
- - #2276 - Screen refresh/redraw errors in Austerlitz demo
- - #2277 - Redraw/refresh errors for Remote Assault demo
- Stopped testing The War Engine. I don't want to juggle more than 4 programs 
at a time and I want to pick up Galactic Civilization.

Austerlitz Summary
Bug #2276 is newly filed and the unhandled exception error is no longer 
There is still a screen redraw error

Full report:

Dominions II
No noticable change. Dominions II still has screen redraw errors and mouse 

Full report:

Remote Assault
Remote Assault has started running but has several refresh/redraw errors. 
There are several new 'err:ddraw' messages:
err:ddraw:set_render_state Unhandled dwRenderStateType ...
err:ddraw:Main_DirectDrawSurface_Lock  Invalid values in LPRECT !!!

Full report:

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