Do we still need wineinstall?

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Jun 13 15:23:53 CDT 2004


I've been running without a config file for a while now, and have fixed
various misc bugs related to that as I go - I'm sure there are some more
in there, but as the config file is destined for eventual doom anyway I am
wondering if we still need wineinstall at all?

Currently, it's possible to use Wine quite succesfully just by doing a
standard ./configure, make, make install. When you run wine for the first
time wineprefixcreate will be used to setup ~/.wine, merge the
registry, create the fake windows drive and so on. The only piece you
don't get is the default config file, but that doesn't seem to make much
difference any more. At least, the defaults should be in the code not the
config file as people never upgrade that bit anyway :)

So - do we still need it?

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