WineHQ-hosted projects?

Joel Konkle-Parker jjk3 at
Wed Jun 16 04:51:25 CDT 2004

Quoting Mike Hearn <mike at>:
> Could you explain more about such a project? If you're going to be fixing
> bugs for a specific app it's probably best to just co-ordinate using
> wine-devel, that way if you run into problems far more people will see and
> be able to help.


My goal in starting up such a project would just be to provide a place and a
means to coordinate efforts toward a specific goal for people who care about
such a goal. There's a huge Star Wars Galaxies fan base out there, and a large
number of people who would like to see this on WINE. A website devoted to the
goal of making SWG work on WINE would provide a focus for that group of people.

It'd probably just consist of a website and a forum of some kind to track in
greater detail what's changing and what needs to be changed that would effect
SWG. "Heads up, bug #xxxxx needs to get fixed for the launcher to work", "Ok
guys, if you want get the in-game browser working, we all need to put our
efforts into IE", etc.

I'm not talking about forked codebases here, just a place with a more guided
focus on a specific WINE goal.

I guess would be a good place to start, or maybe a personal blog.

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