wine window disappears from virtual desktop!

Paul R Streitman prs at
Wed Jun 16 13:56:16 CDT 2004

Last week, I appended about this problem:  Application windows under wine
disappear if you switch to a different virtual desktop and then back under
either AfterStep or Enlightenment window managers.  The program is still
apparently running (according to top), but there is no way to retrieve it
and it no longer appears in the window manager's window list.  It has to be
killed off and restarted.

I have now isolated the problem to the change made to
wine/dlls/x11drv/winpos.c in patch
on 4/27/2004.  I do not know enough to take it further.

For what it is worth, today's cvs wine with a 4/26 version of winpos.c
seems to work just fine.

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