dlls/dinput/mouse.c warp handling

James Dean Anderson petr at pantek.org
Thu Jun 17 02:19:29 CDT 2004

No, not exactly. There are several things in wine I don't know yet (eg 
what does GEN_EVENT do exactly / what are these critical-sections / etc.).
But I think doing mouse-warping in 3 states and across different 
functions is much to complicated and while it works great in MaxPayne, 
it behaves strangely in WWIIOL.
I tried to do it in a simpler way.
Maybe I'll just try to understand wine a little deeper and post a more 
elaborated patch later.
Sound and joystick don't work too well in WWIIOL too (the joystick seems 
to send random data / I get only 1 channel of the sounds) so there's 
still a lot to do.


Lionel Ulmer wrote:
> Errrm, do you understand exactly what you remove and why it was in the code ?
> The only way to fix this is to sometimes warp the mouse back in the middle
> of the window (or to use DGAMouse (or to write a new X11 extension :-) )).
>           Lionel

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