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On Wednesday 16 June 2004 22:52, John Birrell wrote:

> Thanks for the reply.
> From what I can see, there are two problems with the Wine build from CVS
> on FreeBSD -current that seem to be related to the use of BSD make. In the
> dlls 'setupapi' and 'version' directories there are source files called
> install.c. These confuse the build during a "make install". BSD make tries
> to compile and link a program called "install". Renaming the source files
> to something other than install.c (such as winstall.c) allows the build
> to succeed.
> At run time, the error:
> "wine: failed to initialize: /something/lib/wine/ mmap of
> entire address space failed: Cannot allocate memory"
> is caused by Wine attempting to mmap memory outside the user process
> address space. I see mmap addr around 0xd8100000 (mostly 0xd81eccd8)
> whereas the user address space limit on FreeBSD current is 0xbfc00000
> (at least on my system).
> This failure is well before any thread library issues are encountered.
> I ran a test of mmap on FreeBSD current to see what address space I
> was able to mmap. Using objdump to identify the pages that the test
> program was linked to load in, the test program was able to mmap MAP_ANON,
> MAP_FIXED, MAP_NOCORE all memory from 0x0 to 0xbfc00000, except the
> pages at which the test program was mapped at.
> I'll look further into how Wine is mmap'ing memory on FreeBSD.

Thanks for the info. :) I never use BSD make to build wine, in fact, BSD make 
has always failed horribly for me.  When I build from CVS I always use gmake 
and rarely does the build fail when I do that.  As to the threading issue, 
the error I get is:

Fatal error 'Uninitialized mutex in pthread_mutex_trylock_basic' at line 474 
in file /usr/src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_mutex.c (errno = 22)

In limited testing I received the same errors when libmaping libpthread to 
libthr.  Wine is somewhat useable with libc_r right now.  I will do some more 
testing on that.  
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