Wine on FreeBSD current

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Wed Jun 16 13:19:16 CDT 2004

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Jonathan Fosburgh wrote:
>>   wine: failed to initialize: /swtest/wine/dlls/ mmap of
>>   entire address space failed: Cannot allocate memory
> I get the same problem on -CURRENT with recent CVS versions of wine.
> Hopefully, in the port of the new release, this will bee worked out and
> maybe I can stick with the port and not mess with CVS.

Given that I'm the maintainer of the wine port in FreeBSD, I can say
quite authoritatively that I probably won't update to the latest snapshot,
unless some third party is able to provide a patch to fix this breakage.

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)   gerald at

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