font problems with "Hello" application

Matt Beaumont mbeaumon at
Thu Jun 17 16:29:02 CDT 2004

There is a font that displays _extremely_ poorly in the tooltips for
the "Hello" photo-sharing application (<>,
harmless(?) registration required for download).  I'm running the 6/15
wine source package, installed with "make install".  Hello wants
riched20.dll before it will do anything useful; this can be acquired
at <>.  The
problem can be reproduced by bringing up a tooltip for one of the
checkboxes on the login screen; it shows a completely unreadable

I've been looking at the output from the font and tooltip WINEDEBUG
channels, and haven't found anything screamingly obvious.  Does
anybody have a suggestion for other channels to look at, or places to
look in the source?


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