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Gregory Hicks ghicks at ihug.com.au
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Sorry for this post.  I have been trying to get off this list, to no avail.

I get a reply stating that the "user is unknown".  Wish it was easy to fix.  I tried via the 
web site, can we get the list admin to check for any mail addresses from the 
ihug.com.au domain, it may be a variant (eg ghicks at backend.ihug.com.au) instead of 
the regular one.

THanks in advance

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004 21:16:25 -0700, Krishna Murthy wrote:

>No, it is required. The DEFDLG_SetDefButton() is also called from message
>DM_SETDEFID. In this case idResult should set to the default button ID
>passed. And the current logic of DEFDLG_SetDefButton() does what is required
>But when called from the  WM_NEXTDLGCTL, it should not change idResult. It
>should only change the look of the button by drawing the default button
>rectangle if it is a push button. 
>Otherwise we need to enhance the DEFDLG_SetDefButton() to accept one more
>parameter which indicates who invoked the method.
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>From: Alexandre Julliard [mailto:julliard at winehq.org] 
>Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 8:36 PM
>To: Krishna Murthy
>Cc: wine-devel at winehq.org
>Subject: Re: FW: WM_NEXTDLGCTL changes the default button ID and does not
>rest ore default control identifier
>Krishna Murthy <Krishna.Murthy at guptaworldwide.com> writes:
>> +                /**
>> +                 * if the next control is push button, then draw default
>push button
>> +                 * rectangle.
>> +                 * 
>> +                 * if the next control is not a push button, then draw
>the push button
>> +                 * rectangle for the default control.
>> +                 * 
>> +                 * Call SetDefButton to draw the default rectangle, but
>do not change the
>> +                 * default push button ID (idResult) - As Per MSDN
>> +                 */
>> +                 if ( !(SendMessageW(hwndDest, WM_GETDLGCODE, 0, 0 ) & 
>> +                        (DLGC_UNDEFPUSHBUTTON | DLGC_BUTTON)) )
>> +		            hwndDest = GetDlgItem(hwnd, idSaveResult);
>> +                 DEFDLG_SetDefButton( hwnd, dlgInfo,
>GetDlgCtrlID(hwndDest) );
>> +                 dlgInfo->idResult = idSaveResult;
>It seems you are doing redundant work here, since DEFDLG_SetDefButton will
>also send the same WM_GETDLGCODE. Wouldn't a simpler fix be to have
>DEFDLG_SetDefButton not set idResult unless it really changed the default
>Alexandre Julliard
>julliard at winehq.org

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