Donations - RFC

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Jun 18 09:44:34 CDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

Say, I've gotten in a few fairly generous donations lately,
and so the Wine fund has a bit of money (around $800, afair).

Now, the bulk of that is marked for embezzlement <g>, but
it does leave a bit left over that could go to help Wine.

The question is:  how could that money be spent effectively?

I have several thoughts on this, but would like to open it
up for discussion.

My suggestions are:
   * Buy software for proven Wine hackers
     If Wine hackers are lacking for licensed software,
     I could buy + ship it to them. My financially
     prudent side suggests that games would be a great way to
     do that, because we can buy a lot of games for $800, and
     only 1 copy of MS Office for the same price... :-/

     The trouble with this idea is that the few times
     I've tried to offer software to Lionel and others
     they tell me that they have all they need.

   * Sponsor Wineconf 2005
     We spent about $1500 of the Wine fund
     sponsoring some folks to travel to Wineconf this
     year.  We could similarly use the funds for the next
     Wineconf.  That suggests saving it for this purpose
     would be prudent.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Comments?



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