docu update

Ivan puoti at
Fri Jun 18 18:58:01 CDT 2004

> wineinstall is not out of date, it still works fine, I don't see any
> reason to remove it from the doc.

I see no reason to leave it, it's now as if it did anything essential for wine.
Usually things are first removed from wine, and then from the documentation,
this causes an afoul lot of confusion, because people tend to really trust the
docs. So it would be a good idea to remove the docs about wineinstall before we
remove wineinstall, and as wine can be built and run perfectly well without it I
don't see why we should keep it in the docs. Also the documentation about the
config will have to be re-written, as soon everything will be done with winecfg
of regedit, and as that will take a non trivial amount of time, it's a good idea
to start well in advance, so the docs aren't behind wine when the switch is done.


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