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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Fri Jun 18 19:05:49 CDT 2004

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at> writes:

> I don't think we should do that. First of all, none of the problems 
> mentioned are wine specific, and I don't think we need to try to
> fix them like that. Second, as I have already argued, it seems most
> of our builders from source are already power users, and are most
> likely used to the configure; make cycle well enough that they don't
> need the hand holding. In fact, they most likely hate it (as I do).
> The Linux user landscape has changed quite a bit lately, to the point
> where having wineinstall probably does more harm than good.

What harm do you think it causes?  Have you heard of anybody
complaining?  Why would any power user run wineinstall if they really
hate it?

Maybe Linux users in general know how to run configure (though I doubt
that), but that's definitely not true for Wine users IMO; most of them
come straight from Windows, and Wine is often the first time ever they
build something from source. We have to make it easy for them. I want
to be able to say to a user who reported a bug "please try latest CVS
and confirm that it is fixed" without having to tell them about
configure or LD_LIBRARY_PATH or whatever. Maybe you don't have
clueless users asking you how to build Wine, but I get quite a bit of
them; and being able to tell them "just run tools/wineinstall" saves
me a lot of grief.

Alexandre Julliard
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