docu update

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Jun 19 08:54:53 CDT 2004

> (a) and (b) can be solved by WineHQ providing its own distro-neutral, run
> anywhere binary packages. This isn't hard as Wine is generally excellent
> at running on different peoples machines from the same binaries - after
> all, CodeWeavers need it. I think a nice installer for correctly built
> distro-neutral binaries for Wine would go a long way towards cutting the
> number of non-developers building from source down to zero.

I don't think we're doing too badly with the current packages -- over
85% of people go for them. Having a distro-neutral binary packages
would be good, and it may shave off another 5% or so of the people
who do go for source downloads.

The main problem however is that Wine is rapidly changing, and there
is a need to build from CVS. No amount of packaging the official
releases will solve that problem. But a distro-neutral might, because
it makes it feasible to provide automated nightly build on SF, just
like we do with winetest. Such a package can take care to avoid
conflicts with already installed .rpms, etc., stuff that wineinstall
is doing right now.

So, what about a autopackage package? :)


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