docu update

Ivan puoti at
Sat Jun 19 20:29:30 CDT 2004

> Maybe, but for example Mandrake users won't get wine listed in the "remove
> software" utility, and that will be confusing

> Solving that problem is a desktop issue, I've done a bit of work on it but
nothing has got into mainstream yet.
OK, but in the mean time I still don't see how one binary can fit all needs, if
a binary build for wo'nt run on XFree86 and vice-versa

> I don't see why it'd slow down after we freeze libwine, it's not that
> many functions...
Not all users care, some people still use linux 1.0

> So the user has to upgrade ... and ?
use CVS even if he didn't/doesn't want to, that isn't a bug issue but it also
isn't a nice thing.

> So it could have been anything, in other words. I'd need to see hard
> figures in a controlled environment.
I can send you a copy of Linux Magazine, I should still have a copy somewhere.
You'll have to translate it with google or something because it's in Italian.

Also, form
> Nobody should produce any .package files for their own projects until we've
hit version 1
I guess we won't be using it too soon anyway.

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