Game Testing Update - 20040615

Mike Kost mike at
Mon Jun 21 11:04:08 CDT 2004

Here a continuation of my game testing efforts. Same rules still apply in my
efforts: All games tested are freely available as demos or F/OSS games on the
Internet and they don't work right.

Since my last report:
- No bugs have closed
- 2 more bugs filed
- - #2299: Static in Dominions II Demo Audio
- - #2300: Galactic Civilizations demo dies with unhandled exception
- Finally started testing Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilization Summary
Galactic Civilization is a bit grumpy and requires both a DCOM9x and an IE
install to work correctly. It installed, but died with an unhandled
exception when the game was started. Filed bug #2300

Austerlitz Summary
There were no noticable changes over 20040505 testing.

Dominions II
There were no changes over 20040505, but I turned on the speakers and
noticed that there was static in the audio at the startup screen. This was
filed as bug #2299.

Remote Assault
There were no noticable changes over 20040505 testing.

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