Wine on FreeBSD current

Gerald Pfeifer pfeifer at
Tue Jun 22 16:36:16 CDT 2004

On Mon, 21 Jun 2004, John Birrell wrote:
> For FreeBSD5, which will become the stable branch sometime soon, I think
> the kernel code needs to change. I have a FreeBSD src commit bit, but I'm not
> a vm person, so I can only prototype a change and submit it for review.

Excellent, thanks!  Would you mind keeping me in the loop (as I'm
maintaining the FreeBSD emulators/wine port)?

> I'm not sure if the other developers will regard this change favourably,
> though. They may take the attitude that if Wine can be made to work with
> the FreeBSD kernel code as is, then Wine should be coded accordingly.

Well, as long as they tell us _how_ to change Wine, and in a way that will
be acceptable to Alexandre... :-)

> If the Wine code was restructured to make the reservation code optional,
> that would cover both FreeBSD4 and FreeBSD5. Then, if the FreeBSD mmap
> algorithm was to change in the future, the build could start using the
> reservation code at that time.

I agree...

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Well, there's a reason for that reservation code, and it's that some
> Windows apps require it; so unless you find some other way to ensure
> that FreeBSD never allocates anything above 0x80000000, the
> reservation code can't really be made optional.

...and in fact, Alexandre, wouldn't it be better to have _some_ apps
broken under Wine on FreeBSD than a completely broken Wine on FreeBSD
for all apps?


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