Free application with menu redrawing/flicker loop (window position mismatch?)

Andreas Mohr andi at
Thu Jun 24 10:13:40 CDT 2004

Hi all,

greetings from the Wine booth at LinuxTag! :)
(Uwe Bonnes and me are there)

The following program which a school employee (4000 pupils!) asked me about
that prevents his school administration from switching to Linux has problems
with continuous redrawing of the menu bar and non-redrawing of the client area
(resulting from continuous menu redrawing?):

Note that installation runs fine; it's the main program which breaks.

The relay log shows signs of a WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING/WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED loop
or something like that.
If someone more familiar with messaging and window management could have a
look at it, then I'm sure he'd greatly appreciate it. :)


Andreas Mohr

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