problem with linkage of so under RHEL3

Bill Medland billmedland at
Thu Jun 24 19:46:26 CDT 2004


(I'll be looking into it tomorrow but I thought I'd see if anyone already 

Command line application opens a dll using LoadLibrary.
That Dll links to odbc
odbc uses unixODBC to link to the new Oracle 10g Beta ODBC client.
That client so access rather a lot of Oracle libraries

Relocation error occurs

/usr/local/bin/wine-pthread: relocation error: 
/opt/oracle/product/10.1.0/client_1/lib/ undefined symbol: 

The application can also be built under Linux, as can "That Dll" and link 
directly to unixODBC.  Under that configuration it works fine.

In all the messing about with the threading etc can anyone think immediately 
of where we might have messed up the linking?

(Wine is rather old - cvs compile of about 20040408)

Bill Medland
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