does wineshelllink work for use with GNOME?

Santosh Siddheshwar santosh.s at
Thu Jun 24 22:44:15 CDT 2004

  Does anybody know of the issues when making shortcuts on the main menu on
GNOME (redhat 9)? It seems to me that the .desktop files are created under
the right folder ($HOME/.gnome/apps) but the shortcuts dont appear on the
menu. As far as I could figure the way to go about adding to the main or
system menu is to make entries in the file in
/etc/X11/desktop-menus and then have your app .desktop files in
/usr/share/applications. Why dont the .desktop files under $HOME/.gnome/apps
show up on the menu? Any other ideas? Similarly on redhat 9 for KDE the
shortcuts seem to be required to be under $HOME/.kde/applnk-redhat but
wineshelllink puts them in applnk folder. Is this correct?
Thanks in advance!
Santosh Siddheshwar

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