FILE_GetNtStatus Converting errno 38 to STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

Jürgen Leibner juergen.leibner at
Sun Jun 27 11:50:56 CDT 2004

"Jürgen Leibner" <juergen.leibner at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:cbhj09$kct$1 at
Hi there,

> i'm trying to install a Software for Schools using wine-20040505-SuSELinux90.i586.rpm.

Now, after updating to  wine-20040615-SuSELinux90.i586.rpm, the Error doesn't apear anymore!
The setup.exe does its job correct.
After this the MS-Installer is invoked to do the rest of the job with an msi-file.
He crashes at once.
So i think i have to contact the programmer of the software to ask him what the installer wants to do at crashtime.
For this i will dump the windump output to explain the point of crashing.

Thanks to all, Jürgen

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