Wine/WineX and subfs

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Sun Jun 27 14:09:43 CDT 2004

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 06:04:32PM +0200, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> Hallo,
> when trying to install programs from subfs mounted CDROMS, wine stumbled on
> several occasions (GetVolumenInformation?), running on Suse 9.1. I had not
> yet time to investigate deeper. However the announcement for WineX 3.3.2
> tells explicit about changes for CDROMs and subfs for Suse9.1. Anybody from
> Transgaming reading hear, willing to submit a patch or explain the changes?

The CD detection code is different between WineX and WineHQ.

I tried both winefile and notepad (file->open) and both detect the subfs mounts
correctly and fine.

Ciao, Marcus

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