Change REFIID to IID* for stack declarations in oaidl_p.c to avoid initializers being discarded

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Jun 27 17:32:05 CDT 2004

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004 21:13:17 +0200, Marcus Meissner wrote:
>> +   It is usually generated directly by MIDL, however this file has
>> +   been tweaked since then to account for slight differences in the way
>> +   gcc and MSVC++ compile it. In particular, in some functions REFIIDs
>> +   declared on the stack have been converted to plain IID* in order to eliminate
>> +   the constness of the REFIID type, ensuring that the zero initializer is not
>> +   discarded.
>> +
>> +   Therefore, please do not regenerate this file.
>> +*/
> The comment is not understandable.
> Shouldn't it read '"REFIID" should not be used, because the value is not "const"'?

I don't understand that wording of the comment either unfortunately :( It's not that it
shouldn't be used, it's more that in the original generated code (I think) it was written
like this:

REFIID riid;

(REFIID  ) riid = 0;

I'm not sure why MIDL did this, but as REFIID is simply

#define REFIID              const IID* const

changing those instances to IID* should "fix" it without any warnings about assigning to 
a readonly variable.

REFIID can still be used elsewhere though.

thanks -mike

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