Crash when resizing window in Desktop mode

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Jun 28 05:02:12 CDT 2004


resizing the window of ISE (Xilinx FPGA programming suite), the mouse
remains captured inside the wine desktop and following backtrace can
be requested:

=>1 0x404fdc04 DebugBreak+0x4 [debugger.c:274] in kernel32 (0x406ef1fc)
  2 0x41f11067 error_handler+0x87(display=0x78089550, error_evt=0x406ef248) [x11drv_main.c:186] in x11drv (0x406ef210)
  3 0x4114fc6b (0x406ef2c0)
  4 0x4114e086 (0x406ef300)
  5 0x41148f15 (0x406ef340)
  6 0x41148ff5 (0x406ef360)
  7 0x41130269 (0x406ef380)
  8 0x41ee08a1 BITBLT_InternalStretchBlt+0x6e1(physDevDst=0x403d8f60, xDst=0x53, yDst=0x64, widthDst=0x286, heightDst=0x4, physDevSrc=0x0, xSrc=0x0, ySrc=0x0, widthSrc=0x0, heightSrc=0x0, rop=0x5a0049) [bitblt.c:1429] in x11drv (0x406ef424)
  9 0x41ee0d93 X11DRV_PatBlt+0x43(physDev=0x403d8f60, left=0x53, top=0x64, width=0x286, height=0x4, rop=0x5a0049) [bitblt.c:1533] in x11drv (0x406ef470)
  10 0x408a34ec PatBlt+0x5c(hdc=0xb38, left=0x53, top=0x64, width=0x286, height=0x4, rop=0x5a0049) [bitblt.c:42] in gdi32 (0x406ef49c)
  11 0x41f0d8f7 draw_moving_frame+0x67(hdc=0xb38, rect=0x406ef58c, thickframe=0x1) [winpos.c:1763] in x11drv (0x406ef4cc)
  12 0x41f0e7b4 X11DRV_SysCommandSizeMove+0xae4(hwnd=0x20028, wParam=0xf008) [winpos.c:2062] in x11drv (0x406ef5c8)
  13 0x407c03e1 NC_HandleSysCommand+0x1b1(hwnd=0x20028, wParam=0xf008, lParam=0x25302d3) [../../windows/nonclient.c:1499] in user32 (0x406ef5f4)
  14 0x407b0b5f DEFWND_DefWinProc+0x98f(hwnd=0x20028, msg=0x112, wParam=0xf008, lParam=0x25302d3) [../../windows/defwnd.c:528] in user32 (0x406ef684)
  15 0x407b10c3 DefWindowProcA+0xa3(hwnd=0x20028, msg=0x112, wParam=0xf008, lParam=0x25302d3) [../../windows/defwnd.c:916] in user32 (0x406ef6b0)
  16 0x407ba2d2 DefFrameProcA+0x42(hwnd=0x20028, hwndMDIClient=0x1002a, message=0x112, wParam=0xf008, lParam=0x25302d3) [../../windows/mdi.c:1272] in user32 (0x406ef6d4)
  17 0x6c376a27 (0x406ef7bc)
  18 0x6c371cea (0x406ef7dc)
  19 0x40e41ccc (0x0000f008)
  20 0x00000000 (0x00000000)

This is with today's CVS
Uwe Bonnes                bon at

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