Mandrake RPMs

Mike Hearn mike at
Tue Jun 29 08:45:44 CDT 2004


Ivans comment that the Mandrake RPMs didn't work on Red Hat/Fedora
surprised me, so after encountering a stuck Mandrake user for whom the
RPMs weren't working either on IRC I decided to check them out.

It turns out the reason they don't work on Fedora is because they don't
work at all - wine.inf is in /usr/share/doc/wine-20040615 which is wrong,
it needs to be in /usr/share/wine. As this file is in the wrong place Wine
refuses to start on a new users account.

Once I manually copied the file to the right place Wine worked just fine.

Could somebody please fix the Mandrake RPMs, and maintainers of other
packages please ensure you have details like this right.

thanks -mike

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