Cleaning up W->A calls

Marcelo Duarte wine-devel at
Wed Jun 30 01:47:09 CDT 2004

James Hawkins wrote:
First I suggest you to subscribe in the list, you are welcome, thus you 
will receive all the answers from the other users.

>I recently decided to help with the development of Wine, and seeing as
>how I am new to the process, I have chosen menial tasks to take on. 
>This way I can learn more about Wine while contributing.
> I am currently working on the janitorial task of getting rid of W->A
>calls and I have a few questions about how I should implement these
> Initially CryptAcquireContextW converts all of its arguments to ansi
>then calls CryptAcquireContextA (which is intuitively not what we're
>wanting and thus the cleanup.)  
> The question is, what exactly is the best way to clean this up?
> It seems to me that there are two main options as to what can be done: 
> A) convert the W->A calls in the wide-char functions to A->W calls in
>the asci functions and implement the wide-char functions instead, or 
The best is option A.

> If we are to choose plan A, I have seen several different methods of
>converting asci to wide-char, and I am wondering which method is best. 
>for example:
> dlls/advapi32/crypt.c lines 133-141
> wcount = MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, str, -1, NULL, 0);
> wcount = wcount < wstrsize/sizeof(WCHAR) ? wcount :
> if (wstrsize == -1)
> *wstr = CRYPT_Alloc(wcount * sizeof(WCHAR));
> if (*wstr)
> {
> MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, str, -1, *wstr, wcount);
> return TRUE;
> }
> and,
> dlls/advapi32/registry.c lines 1626-1636
> LONG WINAPI RegSaveKeyA( HKEY hkey, LPCSTR file, 
> {
>     UNICODE_STRING *fileW = &NtCurrentTeb()->StaticUnicodeString;
>     NTSTATUS status;
>     STRING fileA;
>     RtlInitAnsiString(&fileA, file);
>     if ((status = RtlAnsiStringToUnicodeString(fileW, &fileA, FALSE)))
>         return RtlNtStatusToDosError( status );
>     return RegSaveKeyW(hkey, fileW->Buffer, sa);
> }
> Which method is better/more efficient?
I do not cheched your code, but each situation has its reason and you 
decide which you will be better.
I suggest you to start converting something simple, like:
dlls/shell32/systray.c: shell32: Shell_NotifyIconW: illegal call to 
dlls/version/install.c: version: VerInstallFileW: illegal call to 
When I made one of these conversions, I chose "dlls/shell32/shlexec.c: 
shell32: ShellExecuteExW: illegal call to ShellExecuteExAand" very 
laborious and was complicated. You can give one looked at as I made:

> I would have to argue that implementing both the asci functions and
>wide-char functions separately would be the most efficient way to solve
>the W->A problem.  Throughout all the wine libs, many conversion calls
>are being made from W->A and A->W, when most of these calls could be
>left out.  I think performance would improve without all of the
>conversion calls.  Granted the size of the code would increase, but
>speed would also increase.
Yes, but the bugs duplicates, the code increases and the future I 
believe that the majority of the programs is in unicode.

> There are a couple snags when it comes to implementing asci and
>wide-char functions independently, but that can be discussed later.
> If I'm totally off the mark, let me know, and if there are other jobs I
>could be doing, let me know as well because I would like to contribute,
>but I'm not exactly sure what to do yet.  Thankyou for your time.
> James Hawkins
I wait to have helped.
Marcelo Duarte

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