Scrollbars, an application bug or a wine regression ? (#2314)

George Marshall g.marshall at
Wed Jun 30 03:03:11 CDT 2004

Gabriele Giorgetti wrote:
> Hello, I've noticed a problem with scrollbars in the
> latest Wine's release (20040615). With wine version
> 20040505 everything was just fine.
> I've attacched a zip file with two screenshots
> (pls. see wine BUG #2314 @ )
> the first one is the correct behavior of the app using
> wine 20040505 the second one is wine 20040615 and the
> app in its wrong behavior.
> Trying to describe the problem:
> The application show up with a bottom scrollbar and
> a right scrollbar even if they are not needed. When
> executing the very same application, with the very
> same settings and size with wine 20040505 the scrollbars
> are not there.

Basically everything with the scrollbars worked fine
untill Wine 20040615.

Same correct (I guess) scrollbars behavior:
wine: 20031016,20031118,20031212,20040121,20040309,20040408,20040505

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