run authenticated over a NT domain aplications

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu Mar 4 13:37:57 CST 2004

Hi Marco,

Marco escribio:
> Hi ,
> i'm traying to run with wine a legacy aplication
that > needs to be run by
> a loged in user under NT Domain. That aplication 
> needs to be
> authenticated on the server to access the SQL
server. > Looking on google
> i've found a post about logonUser patch from Martin 
> Wilks
> Whi this patch was removed from the
> development?

Are you sure this patch solves the problem for you? 
Have you tried the application?  What errors do you
get?  If the patch works, you can apply it to wine
yourself and use your copy of wine.  You can try
resubmitting it to wine-patches and see what AJ says

> Is there any other way to run aplications of those?

The application queries SQL server?  It may be
possible to run the SQL server ODBC drivers; try doing
a google search for this.  Boaz Harrosh reported some
success using the MS ODBC driver manager in Wine, see
this thread:

Good luck,

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