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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon Mar 22 05:55:35 CST 2004

Boaz Harrosh wrote:

> - Where is the official place to download the ICU library for support 
> of BIDI? is the project's home page. They have 
packages for some distros, but not as many as i would like.

Also, when I have some time, there is a way to compile ICU so that it 
doesn't require anything at runtime at all if it is statically linked. I 
need to figure that one out and pass along to Wine packagers (except 
Ove, I guess, as Debian carries ICU in its official archives).

> - Should we not have a BIDI section in documentation?

Do you vulenteer to write one?

> - Is there a place on winehq with links to extra needed downloads? 
> should ICU be there 2?

I add, at some point in the past, a list of soft dependancies for Wine. 
It should be somewhere in the developers docs. ICU is already there.

> Free Life
> Boaz

One more point I'm thinking of is to add to configure a warning for each 
missing functionality detected at configure time. That is - each soft 
dependancy not available at configure time will bring up a one line 
warning at the end of configure, along the lines of:
Warning - ICU not detected. Compiled Wine will not support BiDi. See

Also, see


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Systems Consulting

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