winetest: add support for revision info

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Wed Mar 24 04:28:39 CST 2004

Ferenc Wagner <wferi at> writes:

> This patch goes somewhat against Dimi's.  Instead of
> invoking cvs, it extracts the working revision info from the
> CVS/Entries files resulting in speedy operation.  Thus I
> incorporated all the stuff into maketest, executing
> unconditionally.  Hope it is still portable.
> ChangeLog:
> - Extract revision info from CVS/Entries.
> - #include "winetest.rc" into gui.rc.  MinGW can't link in
>   more than one resource files.
> - Enlarge chunk size of network transfer.

Any problem with this patch?  It's keeping me from
submitting the patch of patches, which actually makes it
possible to run a cross compiled winetest.exe! :)

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