CURSORICON_SimulateLoadingFromResourceW param check. VFP6 EXEs now work.

C. Daniel Mojoli B. cdmojoli at
Wed Mar 24 08:19:22 CST 2004

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>"C. Daniel Mojoli B." <cdmojoli at> writes:
>>7) We hit L513 and cause an exception when executing the following
>>expression: bits->idEntries[i]. The problem is that we are looping
>>with our index bound to the garbage number of icon entries! That
>>garbage is almost assured to be too large and we loop past the
>>assigned memory.
>The proper fix is to make sure the code doesn't crash no matter what
>garbage it gets as input. Checking the magic number doesn't guarantee
>that the rest of the file is correct.
I agree with the principle, but still advocate the inclusion of the 
magic number patch because it allows to fail-fast. Even when someone 
eventually patches for complete validity and bounds checking, the 
fail-fast magic number test remains useful.

(And yes, Uwe, your test reflected the condition I encountered. Sorry 
for not answering earlier.)

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