Game Testing Update Wine-20040309

Mike Kost mike at
Fri Mar 26 20:26:41 CST 2004

I took a break for 20040213, but here's the latest edition of my testing 
efforts.  Same rules still apply in my selection efforts: All games tested 
are freely available as demos or F/OSS games on the Internet and they don't 
work right.

Since my last report:
- Bugzilla bug #2011 on Austerlitz was closed - 2 patches were generated by 
Jason Edmeades 
- 3 Bugs Filed
- - #2056 - Dominions II Demo Does Not Do Full Screen Correctly
- - #2128 - Remote Assault Demo Fails To Run
- - #2129 - Austerlitz Demo Generates Unhandled Exception

Austerlitz Summary

With Jason's patches for bug #2011, Austerlitz runs but has revealed more 
bugs. There's a screen drawing/refresh error and it's possible to cause an 
unhandled exception. 
Full report here:

Dominions II Summary
Dominions II still has problems with full-screen mode where the KDE kicker bar 
is visible over the game and the mouse insistently returns to to the center 
of the screen when moved.
Full report here:

Remote Assault Summary

Remote Assault fails to run. I believe this is a downgrade of it's previous 
position. I owe a +loaddll,+relay log to the bug report.
Full report here:

The War Engine Summary
It hangs on execution and I havn't figured out where to start filing bugs. 
Hopefully I'll figure out something better to do with when the next version 
of Wine is released.

Mike K

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