Progress on msvcp60.dll?

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Mar 29 00:11:29 CST 2004

Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:

> Is there any work at all on msvcp60.dll? I haven't seen much mention 
> of it on the lists, and it's not listed on the dll status page. I've 
> found at least one (and heard of more) that require this dll outright, 
> though.
> Thoughts?
msvcp60.dll is a C++ dll. It exports all things C++ from msvc such as 
complex streams and so on. There is no technology to date that will 
translate MSVC mangling to GCC mangling. So it will be very hard to 
manage by hand. And even if so. Some class aspects are not the same so 
in a few places an export symbol will not be enough, and you will need a 
proxy function. It is on my long range to do list, but long long range.
    In any way it is not a standard system dll, and Applications that 
use it are suppose to distribute it with their setup. Unless they do not 
have a proper MSVC version in which case they are not suppose to use it 
at all.

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