winelib application taking 100% of the CPU

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Sat May 1 08:45:44 CDT 2004

On 1 May 2004, Scott W Gifford wrote:

> > Do you have a similar behaviour if you just run the Windows executable
> > under Wine?
> No, it uses a normal amount of CPU and works normally.  I ported to
> Winelib because I had a hard time capturing stdout from the Windows
> console program properly just running the .exe under Wine.

OK, I think this requires some investigation. What version of Wine are
you using? You should be using the very latest CVS, there were some
fixes applied recently. How did you port the app to Winelib? Are you 
using winegcc? If so, can you change winegcc -> gcc, and build a .exe 
with MinGW with the _exact_ same Makefile you use for Winelib? Is the 
resulting .exe working OK? Are you using -mno-cygwin or not? If not,
add it and see what happens. If yes, remove it.

If none of these make a difference, we need to test the headers. I'm not
sure if anyone did this before, so it may have a few tricky parts to it,
but the idea would be to completely replace the MinGW headers with
the Wine ones, and build the .exe again. How is this one running?
(If replacing the headers is difficult, you can just specify them with
-I on the command line).


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