7-zip port progress

Seo Sanghyeon tinuviel at fluid.sparcs.net
Wed May 5 00:47:27 CDT 2004

Oh, I forgot. If you don't know what 7-Zip is, visit
http://www.7-zip.org/ . It is a very good compression utility.
Binary commandline version works flawlessly on Wine. So
I am trying to port it to Winelib.

Good thing is that its 7z format compresses much better than
bzip2, extracts faster than bzip2, and patent-free.

Did some more monkeypatching, for today is holiday (in Korea).

117 files compiled, (to compile standalone commandline 134
files need to be compiled) patches are still under 50 lines.
Looks good.

Following archiving backends are compiled: Arj BZip2 Deb GZip
RPM Rar Split Tar cpio. 7z, Cab and Zip needs some works.

Summary of patches I did follows:

 * * *

In Common.patch:
Common/CommandLineParser.h  include wchar.h.
Common/IntToString.h        include sys/types.h.
Common/Vector.h             include stddef.h
Common/Wildcard.h           copy to WildCard.h, case problem.

In Windows.patch:
Windows/Console.h           PINPUT_RECORD -> LPINPUT_RECORD.
Windows/FileFind.h          define missing constants.
Windows/ItemIDListUtils.h   include shtypes.h and shlobj.h.
Windows/Net.cpp             cast to const.
Windows/Shell.h             include shtypes.h and shlobj.h.
Windows/Time.h              define UInt32x32To64.

In 7zip.patch:
7zip/Archive/Arj/ArjIn.h           include ArjHeader.h.
7zip/Archive/Deb/DebIn.cpp         fix 64bit literal.
7zip/Archive/Rar/RarHandler.cpp    fix loop variable scope.
7zip/Archive/Rar/RarItem.cpp       StdAfx.h, case problem.
7zip/Archive/cpio/CpioHandler.cpp  fix loop variable scope.
7zip/Archive/cpio/CpioIn.cpp       fix 64bit literal.
7zip/Common/InBuffer.cpp           StdAfx.h, case problem.
7zip/IMyUnknown.h                  ignore basetype.h for now.
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