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Mon Nov 1 01:29:56 CST 2004

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004 16:29:59 -0800, you wrote:

> Roger wrote:
> > I agree that PDT should say "Pacific Daylight Time" but whoever wrote
> > this section refered to both ..DT and ..ST as "Standard Time" for some
> > good reason.I assumed so I followed convention.  It came up in an app
> > I was running as a fixme since we switched to std time today and is used
> > by TIME_GetTZAsStr().  If it appears beneficial, I'll be happy to change
> > all the ..DT references to "Daylight Time" and resubmit.
> > 
> Not quite every place; MEST says daylight. It appears to me that the 
> only place this is used is the function TIME_GetTZAsStr(), which appears 
> to only be used in  RtlQueryTimeZoneInformation(). 

Yes, it fills in the field "StandardName" of the TimeZoneInformation
structure. When it uses TIME_GetTZAsStr, the returned Info pretends this
zone has no transitions (but adjusts the Bias at the right time).
So it is correct that this table should only hold standard times. It is
also a broken way of doing things, these time abbreviations are not

> So the question would 
> be, what does that function return on Windows

It does what RtlQueryTimeZoneInformation does if
TIME_GetTimeZoneInfoFromReg returns successfull.

> (and perhaps, does any 
> program care).

On windows they are localized, so I don't think an exact string match

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