How difficult would it be to make the equivalent of Windows Terminal Server with Wine?

Hans Leidekker hans at
Mon Nov 1 08:46:11 CST 2004

> > different apps you want to serve. The user uses IE to navigate to that 
> > page. When clicking, the App comes up as a window in his/her machine. 
> > First time visit Installs a 12M  Cygwin/X server.

I really like the concept but your approach seems to limit publishing of apps
to Windows boxes. Theoretically you could run the OCX (Internet Explorer) on
Wine and the Cygwin/X as well but not practically though, if only from a 
performance point of view.

It would be more interesting if Mac/Linux/Unix users could use their browser
of choice and their native X server, which is usually already installed on
those platforms. How exactly is this approach dependent on the use of an OCX?


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